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Louveigné Hotel Deals
Hotels Online brings you the very best Louveigné Hotels at lowest rates. We search all of the leading hotel travel suppliers to bring you the very best.

We have hotels as cheap as GBP 49.00 per night such as the Le Perreon which is located at C/O Rue Des Montys 8. Value for money in Louveigné at the very best.
On the higher end of the market we also have luxury hotels Louveigné that are as expensive as GBP 57.16 per night such as the Sur Pierri which is located at Rue De La China 46.
Louveigné also has medium priced hotels which are of a 3 star category, one example is the Sur Pierri which is conveniently located at Rue De La China 46.
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LouveignéHotel Deals
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    Le Haut Des Montys Hotel - Louveigné
A nice villa, with 3 double rooms with shower, toilet and breakfast. You can use our large garden and we have a parking area available. You will find us on the N62 which connects Liege and Spa, almost at the outside of the village Louveigne.
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    Le Perreon Hotel - Louveigné
Situated in the centre of the small village of Louveigné, this holiday apartment is well equipped for a self catering holiday in the countryside outside Liège. This charming residence dates back to 1735 and was once part of an old farm.
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    So Lès Montis Hotel - Louveigné
Our municipality is admirably located at the borders of the Condroz and at the edge of the Ardenne.
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    Sur Pierri Hotel - Louveigné
On the edge of the Ardennes and near the city of Liège, this guesthouse welcomes you with a large terrace, beautiful garden and wonderful view of the Belgian countryside. Sur Pierri is a homely base just outside charming Louveigné and offers splendid green surroundings. After a peaceful night’s sleep, you can wake up with a delicious breakfast. The environment is great for hiking or cycling trips and you can easily visit historical Liège. Sit out on the lovely terrace and unwind with a drink. The comfortable bedrooms have a separate bathroom and toilet each.
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